It was 12 years ago, precisely in 2002 that Canada saw a good change happening in the domains of ethnic journalism in Greater Toronto Area. This change was birth of Canada’s first daily newspaper in Canada-Canadian Punjabi Post. It goes to its credit that the Canadian Punjabi Post also became first daily newspaper in any language published from Peel Region. Of course, there was another first to its credit. The Canadian Punjabi Post was also the first daily newspaper in Punjabi published from anywhere in the world outside of India.

Back in those days, it was seen as a daredevil’s gamble by many. It goes to the credit of its management, particularly Chief Editor Jagdish Grewal, that this newspaper has turned itself into a sort of ‘Mainstream Newspaper among Ethnic Newspapers’ in Canada.

Canadian Punjabi Post today:

With a daily readership of more than 35,000, it stands tall in terms of its reach and credibility. The Canadian Punjabi Post is a household name for its readers, majority of whom are immigrants of Punjabi origin from India. It is respected for its fair and balanced reporting. Canadian institutions (both Government and Non Government) look up to the Canadian Punjabi Post to gauge the public opinion among immigrant communities living in Greater Toronto Area on many matters of their interest. It is playing a pivotal role in creating stronger ties of immigrants with their new country called Canada and also towards strengthening the ‘Indo-Canadian Ties’. It also acts like a conduit of communication for the “Canadian-Punjabis” to link up with their mother land -India.

It goes to the credit of its management, particularly Chief Editor Jagdish Grewal, that today house of the Canadian Punjabi Post also owns four other print and electronic media outlets. These outlets include a weekly English newspaper South Asian Vision, a weekly Punjabi periodical “Aarsee”, Radio Khabarsar at 770 AM and website www.bramptonlocal.ca

Radio Khabarsar:

Radio Khabarsar is a unique radio program from the House of the Canadian Punjabi Post. It is a premier community radio program that aims to serve the varied needs of South Asians particularly its vibrant Punjabi community settled in Canada. Beamed across North America on 770 AM.  Aired on prime time from 8 AM to 10 AM on all weekdays from Monday to Friday, Radio Khabarsar stands out from other contemporary Radio programs due to its matchless quality, rich contents, mature comments and a strong listeners’ commitment.

The Principal:

Its Chief Editor Jagdish Grewal, a well known media personality, is in this field for more than 10 years now. His views and opinions have attracted many appreciations from his friends and foes alike. His interests range from journalism to contributions to social development to charity actions. A conscientious and down to earth person that he is, Jagdish has developed deep rooted relations and a well meaning chord with the community. He led a campaign which set a record of sorts raising $ 500,000 for Sick Children Hospital in 1999. He is also actively associated with food bank drives, Guru Nanak Car Rally and Guru Gobind Singh Children’s Foundation. He was, among those few members who successfully ran $ 50 million campaign in support of Credit Valley Hospital.


The Canadian Punjabi Post is distributed throughout GTA particularly at points of interface where South Asian community frequents. The cities of Brampton, Mississauga, Scarborough, Markham, Rexdale, North York and large parts of Toronto city are directly served by the Canadian Punjabi Post. More than 25,000 copies are published six days a week.


The readers’ profile of the Canadian Punjabi Post is as varied, colorful and spirited as Canadian Punjabis themselves are. It includes highly successful businesspersons, lawyers, doctors, professionals, jobbers, and homemakers, social and political leaders. We cater to their needs and interests through its headquarters in Brampton, three fully functional offices in India. Undoubtedly, it has emerged as info bank for Canadian Punjabis. It not only informs its readers but also helps them in making informed decisions about their consumer needs and business requirements.

Our advertisers:

Profile of the advertisers who do business with the Canadian Punjabi Post is equally varied and diverse as its readers. It helps large, medium and small businesses to reach out to high end consumers from Canadian Punjabis. Also in the list of its advertisers include political parties, social/religious organizations, and government institutions from all three levels and professionals that include lawyers, real estate agents, service providers and doctors. The Canadian Punjabi Post not only informs its readers but also helps those making informed decisions about their consumer needs and business requirements.


Jagdish Grewal                                  Chief Editor/Publisher

Jatinder Pannu                                  Contributing Editor

Jagdeep Kailey                                  Consulting Editor

Karam Singh Punia                          Contributing Editor and News Commentator

Manohar Singh Sahota                    Contributing Editor

Gyan Singh                                          Contributing Editor

Gurnam Singh Aqida                           Editor (INDIA)